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    Established in 1968 and headquartered in Lishui City,
    Zhejiang Prov., Nice Group specializes in manufacturing Cleaning Products and is
    entitled to Import & Export Right. Despite the Headquarters, Nice Group sets up
    production bases in Yiyang of Hunan, Chengdu of Sichuan, Zhengding of Hebei,
    Siping of Jilin and Urumqi of Xinjiang respectively, and forms the largest production
    base of Soap and detergent powder Industry of China. Since 1994, the
    sales volume of laundry powder, soap and liquid detergent has been steadily in the
    first place in China. In 2005, NICE ranked top 8 of the world enterprises in the

    FASCLEAN Extra Power Detergent Powder
    With strong stain removing dynamical system formula, it gets deep into the fibers to eliminate stubborn
    stains and dirt. With special stain suspension system formula, it prevents stains and dirt from re-depositing.
    Added fiber brightener, keeps clothes brilliant.Highly active formula, rich foam.
    NICE Brand Beauty Soap
    Adopting the Swiss formula, it is made from the imported premium oil with the global advanced production
    technologies.It can clean and nourish your skin with moisturizing factors and pH adjusting system.
    DIAO Brand Highly Efficient Dishwash Liquid
    Specially formulated with advanced technology, it powerfully dissolves and cleans oily stains and is easy to
    rinse.Non-phosphate formulation, it is environmentally friendly with easily biodegradable ingredients.
    Fresh lemon scent.
    Supra Brand Soap Powder
    Using natural coconut oil and coconut oil soap as active agents, it’s safe and friendly to environment.
    Specially added LSDA, it’s powerful in removing stubborn stains. With unique mild formula, it’s no harm to
    skin or clothes, safe and nonirritant. Added anti-redeposition agent, keeps clothes bright and soft. Low
    foam, it’s easy to rinse, saving water, time and energy. It’s especially suitable for premium garments,
    underwear and kid’s clothes.
    CNICE Toothpaste
    Specially formulated with quality hydrated silica, it shows effectiveness in protecting your teeth while
    brushing.Containing active fluoride, it gives good results in resisting the decay caused by bacteria,
    keeping your teeth stronger and healthy. The nutritional ingredients, including Vc, Ve, and pearl powder,
    keep your gum healthy.The premium Scotch spearmint flavor and rich aroma leave you a long-lasting
    fresh breath.